Friday, June 11, 2010

You're Like the Non-Verbal Child (Day 5)

So we made it to Lake Yale in Leesburg, Florida last night around 2:30. I guess that's morning not night. Whatever. We left around 9 a.m. yesterday, so the trip was quite long, but it was really fun and good. We had some deep conversations, jammed to Disney songs, laughed until it hurt, watched P.S. I Love You, and had nice naps. It was definitely awesome.

I think its awesome how God puts certain people in my life who have very similar life stories and circumstances. Its easy to relate and talk to those people; lets me know I'm not alone in those struggles. Yesterday I was encouraged by some people in that way. God is good.

P.S.- I like the word "awesome"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 3- I went to the wrong room, of course I'm tired!

So I have been quite busy these past few days. So I missed a day. Oh well! I like being busy :). So the first real day of training was absolutely awesome. We got to go over Bible study material and rec. Going over those two things really made me feel better about teaching the material and such. I think every camp should have some sort of training. It definitely helps... A LOT. We also got to do some rec games which was absolutely SO MUCH FUN. I love rec. We yelled and got pulled under the big parachute by sharks and played mosquito tag and so much more. It was a blast. When we have the kids, a big part of rec is debriefing. There are spiritual application in most of the games. Something they have stressed a lot here is that if the kid doesn't "get it" in Bible study, he or she will "get it" in rec. So we take the time to go over spiritual truths with the kids after games and during Bible study. I thought that was awesome. Not all kids learn the same way. Yeah. We also got to go to worship and party with paca the pinata. Hilarious.

Yesterday was pretty sweet. I got to do some video stuff for the first time. I was incredibly pumped. So after a super exciting I Can't Wait (Morning Celebration), I got my camera. The camera's name is Dorothy. Just thought you should know. So at rec I had some fun sticking the camera in people's faces. I like to invade some privacy. AWESOME.

Worship last night was really cool. We really got to reflect on the journey it took for us to get here. We had a post-it time line in a manila folder of things that happened in my life to get me to where I am today. Somethings were painful, some were good to finally good to write down, some were absolutely happy, and just stuff like that. So through the pain and rejoicing, I can now sorda see God's plan all along to get me here. It was really interesting and needed for me. When we were done we met with our family groups and shared our journeys. Me and the three other girls in my group; Jordyn, Emily, and Katie; were able to be honest and open about our lives. There were some things I hadn't shared with hardly anyone so it is really good that someone can know these things about me and be my friend on a much deeper level. That was an awesome night with them.

The night didn't end there. Myself, Paige, and Brent are the video producers for the three team here. We had to make a flashback from that day. Compiling all of the footage and editing it was no problem, but we spent probably and hour and a half trying to figure how to get the video exported in the right format. I finally called Jeremy Edsell, my savior of the day!, and he helped us. So that was ok, but it was so frustrating. I am a very determined person. When I am supposed to do something, I will try as hard as I can to figure it out. It make take forever, but I will figure it out. Sometimes I have to lose my pride and ask people how to do something. Humility is good. Very good.

FUNNY STORY! Its pretty late by that point, most people have gone to bed. The only people I can tell are awake on CK5 are Bekah and Jordyn. They are standing in our dorm room hall and I am standing there trying to open this door and then it clicked in my head that it was the wrong door. I walk away from the door and Jordyn asks if I'm tired. "I went to the wrong room, of course I'm tired." It was goofy sounding, not mean. Haha. SO walking to my room, I also try to open Bekah's door. I'm pretty sure she thought I was insanely mental or something. I dunno. Haha. But it was funny. I made it to my own bed and slept wonderfully.

So that's my life up until now. Sorry for any typos. I love you people!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 1

Hello dear friends! I have safely arrived at Millsaps College. The road trip was quick. Shawna and I are good drivers; that's all I have to say about that. Haha. We had some good last conversations until August. :)

I met the CK-5 staff and they are absolutely wonderful. There were only a few of us here for a couple of hours, and when the rest of the team arrived it was insane craziness. Crazy hugs. Crazy screams. Crazy everything. It was AWESOME. I'm really excited and scared about the rest of the summer. I know God will take care of me, and all I can do is trust and rely on Him.

I can't sleep because it is too early for me and I am overjoyed with joy.

I love Jesus.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Starting to Blog

So I'm going to try to blog. I tried in the past but failed... epically. So here goes a new one. I'm mainly writing these for myself because of my forget memory. I want to be able to read these in the future and remember the things I laughed at, cried at, and learned from. My mind is sporadic, so I may not make sense. All I have to say about that is welcome to the mind of Kimberly. They might not be very intriguing or exciting, but I don't care. You don't have to read this. Haha. But I would love for you too.

I leave for camp in two days. I'm pretty excited. And scared. And a little sick to my stomach. It just doesn't seem real to me that I will be gone for this long. This is new for me. My trunk is all packed up and really heavy. My mom and I repacked it a few times last night, but it is still overly full. Mary Chase Breedlove (fellow CK5 staffer) and I have been texting back and forth about different things, and some are absolutely hilarious. I like that she laughs at everything. God has already blessed me with a friend for this summer, a hopefully past the summer too, and I thank Him for that. I am excited about getting to know all of CK5. I know they are all amazing. The 9 I have met already pretty much rock my face off. Anyways, that is all for now. Peace bruh. Yes, I am ghetto.